Project Category: Operations & Maintenance Services

Westboro Tennis and Swim Club

Replacing obsolete system inverters (repowering)

Located in east/central Massachusetts, the Westborough Tennis and Swim Club is a full-service health and wellness club. The site’s 464 kW DC solar system produces power for most of the facility’s electricity demand.


The system’s 58 inverters had a high failure rate and lengthy repair lead time, which impacted solar production. On Solect’s recommendation, the club repowered the system and received game-changing results.


Solect’s O&M team replaced all 58 existing inverters to stabilize system uptime and optimize solar performance at the site. As of September 7, 2023, here is an overview of the value we have added to this project:

  1. Performance: Since replacing the HiQ inverters with Fronius inverters, the system’s performance remarkably improved, with an average performance ratio of 99.96% over the past year. In May, the system achieved an impressive performance ratio of 126.9%.
  2. Nameplate Capacity: The inverters have consistently operated at full capacity since commissioning, demonstrating reliability and efficiency.
  3. Minimal Downtime: Since Jan 8, 2021, the system has had only 2% downtime, mainly due to swiftly resolved communication hiccups.
  4. Reduced Service Calls: We have achieved an 11% reduction in on-site service visits for maintenance and repairs.
  5. Enhanced Monitoring and Customer Support: We leverage the Fronius Monitoring Platform, offering real-time and historical data, detailed curves, and invaluable performance insights. Solect is a Certified Fronius Service Provider.

First Highland Management & Development Corp.

First Highland Management & Development Corp. solar power

Troubleshooting the issue of improper water drainage

Located in New Bedford, MA, First Highland is an industrial real estate development firm known for its innovative specialties, including acquisition, repositioning services, and more.


The facility’s 403kW DC rooftop solar system experienced multiple system failures and needed a thorough root-cause analysis and troubleshooting.


Solect identified the problem – pooling water that impeded proper system operation – and inserted spacers under the solar array’s racking to facilitate appropriate water drainage. With the issue addressed by our O&M team, First Highland’s system received a new lease on life and resumed robust production.

Sparrow Enterprises, LTD

Sparrow Enterprises solar power

Servicing a solar system damaged by seagulls

Located in East Boston, MA, and founded in 1924, Sparrow Enterprises is a prominent cocoa powder and chocolate distributor and a well-known brand in New England’s confectionery industry.


The property’s 99.905 kW solar system had been severely damaged by seagulls and needed to be addressed. Seagulls colonize, pollute, and damage solar panel arrays to get warmth, leverage updrafts, safely nest against weather and predators, and crack open shellfish. Their feces further affect power production, warranting frequent and expensive panel cleaning.


Solect suggested installing a wire grid over the solar array to keep seagulls at bay. The US Department of Agriculture and Wildlife Service recommends wire grids as a permanent, effective, and non-harmful seagull deterrent for flat surfaces, roofs, solar panel arrays, and docks.

Solect designed the grid pattern for the maximum deterrent effect to protect the solar panels and ensure uninterrupted solar production. The solution has made a remarkable difference for Sparrow Enterprises, increasing solar production with no reports of soiled or broken panels ever since.

JD Cordage, LLC

JD Cordage solar

Repairing a solar system heavily damaged by a storm

Located in Plymouth, MA, JD Cordage owns a 55-acre waterfront commercial property, formerly housing the Plymouth Cordage Company, a centuries-old rope and twine manufacturer.


A large portion of the property’s 443.800 kW solar array had been heavily damaged during a storm in October 2021. The severe storm damaged the roof membrane and flipped over an entire section of their solar panels, warranting a time-consuming and complex repair process.


The Solect O&M team removed all of the damaged equipment, including 125 solar panels, and disconnected all electrical connections to ensure safety while the roof replacement plan was strategized and executed.

Once the damaged roof was replaced in early 2023, Solect rebuilt the entire solar system – installing all new equipment and resuming a full-scale, successful operation.

Besides the O&M team’s robust service, JD Cordage appreciated the information Solect shared to help them navigate the insurance claiming process.