Let our solar financing expertise be your guide

With soaring utility bills and tighter fiscal budgets, many companies could benefit from the low, predictable electricity costs provided by solar energy. Undoubtedly, financing a solar or storage project is a complex process. That’s why Solect works with you to examine all the variables – ownership structure, federal and state tax appetite, current electricity prices, cost of capital, total system costs, and system life – to find the most appropriate financing solution to Power Your Tomorrow.

Bridgewater State-Science and Math Center rooftop solar energy
Bridgewater State Science and Math Center, Bridgewater, MA – 137.7 kW

Key considerations for your solar energy project

savings icon

How much access to capital do you have?
What are your other capital project priorities?

path to solar icon

What’s your best path to solar – purchase, lease, or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

ROI icon

Which state and federal incentives provide the greatest savings and return on investment?

Federal and state tax incentives icon

How much of the federal investment tax credit (ITC) does your organization qualify for?

Operations & Maintenance icon

What are the system requirements and costs for long-term operations and maintenance?

How to pay for the solar energy system that pays for itself

The power of solar to positively impact your bottom line is a matter of simple math. Strong state and federal incentives plus technological advancements minus expensive utility energy costs. Most of our clients who purchase systems recoup their entire solar investment in about four years while earning double-digit returns. And you can, too.

DIRECT OWNERSHIP: Purchasing options

Own a solar energy system using capital funds or a combination of debt and equity and retain all the associated financial, tax, and environmental benefits.

Traditional loan

Your company or organization works to secure a traditional loan through the financial institution of your choice.

Operating or capital lease

Solect helps you secure a lease through one of our banking partners. Obtain up to 100% financing without an upfront investment so you can use your capital elsewhere.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program

PACE enables you to procure energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through low-cost, long-term financing. Learn more about PACE.

SOLECT OWNERSHIP: Lease or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Prefer not to invest capital in a solar energy project but still want a low electricity rate unaffected by utility increases? Let Solect build and operate a solar system on your property. Plus, take advantage of federal tax benefits and utility incentives to help buydown your equipment lease payments or PPA rate.


Solect rents physical property (rooftop, parking lot, land) from your organization for an agreed-upon lease term. Lease payments are made in regular installments or through an upfront payment plus installments, which allows you to pay for maintenance items such as roof improvements before solar is installed.


Solect builds, owns, operates, and maintains a solar energy system on your property as a third-party investor. Once the system is in place – and over the next 20 to 25 years – you purchase the energy produced at a cost per kWh well below current utility rates.


Get as much as 50% of the system cost back from federal incentives


Offset a significant portion of remaining cost through state incentives


Reduce energy costs to 85% below retail utility rates by producing your own clean energy

A new path for tax-exempt organizations

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 presents significant opportunities for tax-exempt organizations, states, and municipalities to invest in clean energy projects – including receiving direct cash payments for clean energy tax credits for the first time. Under this provision, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assesses your organization as if you made a federal tax payment equivalent to the credit amount, resulting in a refundable overpayment of tax. IRS guidance is forthcoming, and we will update our website when it does. Meanwhile you can contact us now for more information about this and other opportunities.

NuPath, Inc. solar energy
NuPath, Inc., Woburn, MA – 72 kW