Demand a better energy storage system

While solar solutions aim to offset your facility’s energy usage, energy storage shifts when that energy is used – from high-demand to low-demand periods – to reduce costly peak charges. Optimizing energy usage is also valuable to the power grid, which is why state and federal incentives encourage businesses like yours to adopt energy storage systems.

Groton School solar energy and storage
Groton School, Groton, MA – 125 kWh
Solect energy storage infographic

The benefits of battery energy storage are clear

Work with Solect to develop, install, and operate a battery energy storage system, and you can:

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Minimize demand charges and generate new revenue without any operational changes.

Renewable energy grid

Add renewable energy to the grid, which reduces the impact of variable sun and wind power.

Solar energy storage

Gain energy resiliency with safe and quiet battery backup ­– so your facility has power even if the grid goes down.

Your trusted partner
in energy storage

Solect has years of experience in commercial energy storage, from helping to create early incentive programs and regulations to developing some of the first storage projects. Our knowledgeable team provides the right solution and support while avoiding common pitfalls with this advanced technology to ensure a successful outcome for your business.

Marathon Elementary School solar energy plus storage
Marathon Elementary School, Hopkinton, MA – 318.7 kWh, 222 kWh storage