Making a Difference Together

As a New England-based company, Solect has planted deep roots across the region. We truly value community, and we’re committed to giving back to the cities and towns we work and live in. That’s why we help our neighbors as volunteers, sponsor local charity events, and donate complete solar energy systems to organizations in need.

Impact Melanoma Annual Fundraising Event
Impact Melanoma Annual Fundraising Event

Solect’s commitment to the community is invaluable. Since our inception, Solect has been one of Live4Evan’s largest contributors, allowing us to grow in mission and keep families together while receiving cardiac care in Boston.

Jack Nealon, Executive Director, Live4Evan Organization

Sponsorships and support

Solect proudly sponsors Impact Melanoma, hosting their Running for Cover team each year before the Boston Marathon and helping the group promote melanoma education and advocacy. In addition, Solect annually supports many local groups and nonprofits, including:

Solar donations

As part of our community commitment, Solect has donated entire solar energy systems – developing, installing, and maintaining arrays for several organizations, including: