Marathon Elementary School, MA; solar: 260 kW; storage: 222 kW

Rising energy costs impacting budget?
We hear you!

Public and nonprofit organizations often find themselves grappling with the impact of rising energy costs on the budget. While improving energy efficiency can provide some relief, it does not shield against unpredictable energy price fluctuations. Furthermore, adherence to sustainability mandates is becoming increasingly crucial. This is where the transition to solar becomes a compelling solution—offering 100% carbon-free electricity with a stabilized rate for over two decades (which is a solar system’s average lifespan). Additionally, a range of federal and state solar incentives make solar implementation more attractive than ever.

Solect: Solar and storage simplified

Solect Energy has been a prominent name in the Northeast energy industry for over a decade. We are here to guide you through the entire solar implementation process—from design and installation to activating your system. Our comprehensive support includes navigating financing and incentives, managing legal and compliance processes, and addressing your unique challenges and needs.

If you are looking for a no-upfront cost option, Solect can offer a Power Purchase Agreement, where we develop, own, and manage a solar system (and battery energy storage, if desired) at your organization for a predetermined period, typically 25 years. In return, we provide you with solar energy at a fixed rate throughout the agreed-upon duration.

CCRTA Hyannis Parking Canopy; Hyannis, MA; 360 kW
Framingham Fuller School, MA; 504.9 kW
Project in progress: Ivan G. Smith Elementary School; Danvers, MA (a Municipal Light District); 275.0 kW

Why partner with us

Solect has developed well-known solar projects for public and nonprofit organizations for over a decade (including numerous Power Purchase Agreement initiatives since 2015). These projects have included educational institutions, state agencies and nonprofits such as the City of Haverhill, Town of Sherborn, Town of Hopkinton, City of Fitchburg, Boston University, Harvard University, MIT and others.

Specialized solutions: Our portfolio features several specialized projects, including projects for Municipal Light Plants (MLPs), which are locally-owned utilities serving 52 towns in Massachusetts, comprising 13% of the state’s energy customers*. Our experience working with MLPs uniquely positions us to address the challenges and expectations in these territories. Solect provides diverse solar and storage solutions, offering purchase, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or shared savings programs to enhance MLPs’ compliance with decarbonization mandates. By embracing renewable generation, MLPs not only sidestep demand and transmission charges but also economically produce zero-carbon electricity to optimize the benefits for their taxpayers. Additionally, our tailored project financing enables MLPs to leverage class-1 Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), enhancing the financial benefits further.

*Data courtesy: MCAN (Massachusetts Climate Action Network)

Why Choose Solect

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Tailored solar and energy storage solution, including design, installation,
and management

Customized financing solutions, including PPA:
no-cost, no-responsibility solar hosted at your site with stabilized energy rates for a
specified period

Comprehensive solar system operations and maintenance by our expert team

Already Have Solar? What’s Next?

Salem State University (SSU); Salem, MA; 415 kW

As we transition away from fossil fuels over the next 5-10 years, you’ll be using more electricity than ever before. With the switch over to heat pumps for heating and cooling and the addition of EV charging stations – your existing solar system may not be enough. In order to plan for this increase in energy usage and help control costs, it’s important to leverage more of your available locations–rooftops, parking lots, or land. Solect can help you maximize solar for your future needs and welcomes a conversation.