Location: Hopkinton, MA
Industry: Education
Solution: Rooftop Solar

260 kW

solar capacity

222 kW

energy storage

The Marathon Elementary School in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, part of the Hopkinton Public School District, aims to create a positive and secure learning environment for holistic student development.


The Hopkinton Public School District aimed to trim its annual utility budget, which surpassed one million dollars, and prioritize environmentally sustainable practices.


The district partnered with Solect Energy to install a 260 kW rooftop solar system on the newly built Marathon Elementary School. This expansion, facilitated through a cost-free Power Purchase Agreement, elevated the school’s total energy production capacity to 318.7 kW, complementing an existing solar system. Additionally, the integration of a 222 kWh Tesla Powerpack battery further bolstered savings.


$35,000 in annual savings

This solar-plus-storage project is set to cut the school’s energy expenses by 75%, resulting in approximately $35,000 in annual savings with no initial costs. Over the system’s lifespan, the district expects to save nearly $1 million. This initiative stands as one of Massachusetts’ pioneering solar-plus-storage installations funded through a no-cost shared savings agreement.