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How we ensure optimized performance and productivity

Our comprehensive, best-in-class O&M suite is designed to keep your solar and battery energy storage system (BESS) performing at peak levels – so you get the highest return on your renewable energy investment, even if Solect didn’t install your system.

Solect’s O&M service agreement offerings include:

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Scheduled preventative maintenance

Our skilled and experienced technicians perform an annual preventative maintenance service, which entails a comprehensive inspection of your system using cutting-edge technology.

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Corrective maintenance

Our experienced, in-house field service technicians bring best-in-class skills, training, and tools to quickly and safely assess and address any issues that impact your system’s performance.

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Special Services Project (SSP)

Solect’s O&M team manages projects for system upgrades, inverter re-powering, and large-scale repairs to damaged or underperforming systems.

Performance monitoring & reporting

Performance monitoring and reporting

  • Our cloud-based monitoring system constantly tracks and measures your system’s performance.
  • When issues are detected, our in-house certified technicians are dispatched for prompt remediation.
  • Reports are available via an online portal to see your solar production vs. the projected production.
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Incentive management

Our O&M team understands that state and federal incentives are pivotal to your decision to go solar. That’s why we periodically audit your incentive earnings to ensure you’re appropriately compensated for your system’s solar production – and expediently respond to questions about the incentives you receive.

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Utility billing support

Our knowledgeable team maintains a strong relationship with the major utility companies to address questions or concerns about your electricity bill. Our regulatory team can also help you review and adjust net-metering credit allocations (Schedule Z) to your off-taker accounts.

Solar expertise
at the ready

With more than 20 service technicians, Solect responds quickly to on-site tech requests, regardless of whether or not we installed your system. Our experts stand poised to offer guidance, answer any question, and confront every challenge. Our Network Operation Center (NOC), as seen in the accompanying image, located in our Hopkinton (MA) headquarters, vigilantly oversees all our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) projects, enabling us to promptly identify problems before they escalate into significant issues.

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Solect operations and maintenance

Services for all solar energy systems

Did your business or organization use another solar company to develop and install your array or energy storage system? Are you looking for a comprehensive O&M service provider? Solect is happy to help. Our team will get your system back online, update aging or obsolete technology (repowering projects), and provide ongoing maintenance and repair.

Providing Timely and Valuable Information

The Solect Services team ensures you stay informed about upcoming events that may impact your energy expenses and offers guidance on how to prepare, allowing you to optimize your cost savings. Peak demand refers to the highest surge in energy usage during the hottest hour of the year. Your energy consumption during this period significantly influences your organization’s energy costs. Solect proactively communicates with our customers via email, providing advice on how to reduce energy demand on potential peak days, thereby helping you manage your energy expenses more effectively.

Watch this video to learn more about peak demand and how Solect assists you in mitigating the ensuing demand surges.

Charging Ahead: Future-Proof Your Property with EV Charging Stations

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to surge, there is an urgent need for the accelerated development of EV charging stations. If you are a commercial property owner or manager with abundant parking space, collaborate with Solect to integrate cutting-edge charging stations into your parking lot. Investing in EV charging infrastructure not only augments the revenue stream but also showcases your dedication to environmental well-being and sustainability.

Moreover, the Massachusetts government, through the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP), offers grants that cover up to a 100% of the expenses associated with Level 2 EV charging stations, with a maximum cap of $50,000 per street address. It presents a remarkable opportunity for commercial property owners to add a sustainable edge to properties while enjoying substantial financial support.

Discover how Solect can help you implement an EV charging infrastructure on your commercial property.

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