Location: Westborough, MA
Industry: Athletic Facilities
Solution: Operations & Maintenance

464 kW

solar capacity


Solect advised us to replace all the existing inverters with a more robust alternative. Besides the comprehensive installation, they reviewed the entire system and its components. We are confident that we have a well-performing system poised to operate long-term. Our results with the new set of inverters exceeded our projections by roughly 5% and we are happy to have the assurance that our system is under warranty and backed by Solect’s team.

Justin Lundberg, Owner, Westborough Tennis and Swim Club

Replacing obsolete system inverters (repowering)

Located in east/central Massachusetts, the Westborough Tennis and Swim Club is a full-service health and wellness club. The site’s 464 kW DC solar system produces power for most of the facility’s electricity demand.


The system’s 58 inverters had a high failure rate and lengthy repair lead time, which impacted solar production. On Solect’s recommendation, the club repowered the system and received game-changing results.


Solect’s O&M team replaced all 58 existing inverters to stabilize system uptime and optimize solar performance at the site. As of September 7, 2023, here is an overview of the value we have added to this project:

  1. Performance: Since replacing the HiQ inverters with Fronius inverters, the system’s performance remarkably improved, with an average performance ratio of 99.96% over the past year. In May, the system achieved an impressive performance ratio of 126.9%.
  2. Nameplate Capacity: The inverters have consistently operated at full capacity since commissioning, demonstrating reliability and efficiency.
  3. Minimal Downtime: Since Jan 8, 2021, the system has had only 2% downtime, mainly due to swiftly resolved communication hiccups.
  4. Reduced Service Calls: We have achieved an 11% reduction in on-site service visits for maintenance and repairs.
  5. Enhanced Monitoring and Customer Support: We leverage the Fronius Monitoring Platform, offering real-time and historical data, detailed curves, and invaluable performance insights. Solect is a Certified Fronius Service Provider.