Boosting the Bottom Line

Solect has more than a decade of experience in the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector – building 750+ solar and storage projects and providing system optimization and maintenance services across every industry. By switching to solar, you can significantly reduce your energy expenditure, boost revenue, and drive your business toward a sustainable future.

Beyond the realms of commercial and industrial sectors, there exist additional industries experiencing a pressing need to mitigate escalating energy costs and attain energy autonomy. Automotive dealerships and athletic facilities are notable among them.

L. Knife & Son rooftop solar
L. Knife & Son, Inc, Plymouth, MA – 715 kW
Herb Connolly Auto Group; Framingham, MA; 409 kW

Similarly, Athletic Facilities, stadiums, and large outdoor venues consume extensive power to support advanced technology and enhanced utility features for engaging events. This heightened energy consumption results in increased utility expenses. Besides the sports industry, educational institutions and business groups with expansive athletic complexes are turning to solar for cost savings, revenue generation, and meeting sustainability goals.

Auto dealerships require substantial energy for high-end equipment and extensive lighting. With an average annual energy expense of $20,000 for a 13,000-square-foot dealership*, investment in solar is the best possible means to curb energy costs.

* The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) found that the average electricity consumption of a car dealership was 10 kWh/SQFT, yearly. With the national average electricity cost being around $0.16/kWh, the approximate yearly energy expense for a 13,000 SQFT dealership becomes as much as $20,000.

Fore Kicks; ; Norfolk, Marlborough, and Taunton, MA; 888 kW

Benefits of Commercial Solar

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Expand your profit margin and cut energy expenditures by minimizing your dependence on
grid electricity.

Enhance environmental compliance and increase your property’s value.

Manage escalating utility expenses and boost budget efficiency with a truly sustainable solution.

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Lower cost
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Offset your tax liability and save on system installation by earning an impressive set of state and federal solar incentives.

Avoid peak demand charges and leverage continuous power supply with a battery energy storage system.

Transform your parking lot into a solar carport with EV charging and boost revenue.

Client Voices: Testimonials that Speak to Our Excellence


We weren’t actively pursuing solar until we spoke with Solect, and they spelled out all the benefits, both financial and environmental. Solect provided the level of expertise we needed and was really helpful in answering every question we had along the way.

Bill Newhall, President, Harwood Engineering


Solect was the perfect partner. They supported us through the entire process – from the feasibility assessment to the bank approval process and so on. The personal attention and professionalism we received was great.

Tom Teager, CEO, Fore Kicks


This project helps us demonstrate our commitment to renewable energy and the environment to our customers and community. Solect understood our vision and helped us implement it quickly and effectively.

Adam Connoly, Co-owner, Herb Connolly Chevrolet