Location: Bridgeport and Torrington, Connecticut
Industry: Construction
Solution: One ground mount and two rooftop arrays

1, 298 kW

solar capacity

600.0 kW

energy storage

O&G Industries, Inc. is a leading construction service provider in the Northeast, serving diverse market segments and delivering projects of varied sizes and scope. Their clientele includes brands with regional and global prominence.


In 2018, O&G Industries, Connecticut’s largest private construction company, adopted an Environmental Policy to commit to eco-friendly and sustainable operations despite the challenges posed by its size, complexity, energy needs, and business goals.


O&G systematically addressed the challenge by leveraging data-driven solutions, which inspired the decision to implement solar at their sites to advance their cost-effective and eco-friendly operation goals. Despite their proficiency in handling complex national projects, O&G decided to collaborate with experienced solar developer Solect Energy rather than using internal resources to design and develop the installations.


The solar and storage system powers 100% of the annual consumption needs of the O&G quarry, while the ESS allows O&G to take advantage of additional revenue sources.

The system is estimated to produce 1.520 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year – enough power to offset roughly 100% of the site’s annual energy needs. The amount of electricity produced annually by the array is enough to power nearly 200 homes.

The new solar and storage system is the latest addition to many energy-saving and sustainability initiatives that O&G has undertaken, which include two other solar arrays installed by Solect Energy along with other energy efficiency upgrades.

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