AccuRounds, founded in 1976, is a leader in Advanced Manufacturing. We machine precision mechanical components such as shafts, pins and bushings for a variety of industries including medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, and emerging technology.


Like most manufacturers, Accurounds high tech precision machinery generates a significant demand for energy. Plus, a portion of the components they produce are actually used in the solar industry, so the plans to install an array were always in the back of their minds. Plus with a new addition, and added operating costs, the time was right.  


Accurounds partnered with Solect to install a 162 kW array that will help cut into the manufacturer’s significant energy costs over the next two decades. It also furthers the company’s sustainability efforts, and reinforces their dedication to the future.


$18,400 reduction of electricity costs

It is estimated that the array will cover approximately 18% of the manufacturer’s energy needs, and is expected to generate $460,000 in savings over the 25 year agreement.