Fore Kicks

With facilities in Norfolk, Marlboro and now Taunton MA featuring indoor synthetic grass turf boarded and unboarded fields, indoor driving ranges, basketball & futsal courts, outdoor lighted synthetic grass fields (Marlboro and Taunton), plus a lighted par 3 golf course (Norfolk), Fore Kicks operates the premier multi-purpose recreational facilities across the commonwealth.

ForeKicks Commercial Rooftop Solar


With a expansive facilities and demanding lighting, heating, and HVAC systems Forekicks was faced with a challenging energy bill and wanted to avoid raising costs for their membership programs too high to exclude any families.


Forekicks began a commitment to energy efficient green operation across their family of facilities. Solar was the logical next step in their evolution, with their newest facility being built/oriented to maximize their north/south exposure.  


By installing three arrays across their facilities in Marlborough, Norfolk and Taunton, Fore Kicks add over 880 kW of solar to the roofs of their buildings, to join the energy-efficient lighting systems (LED is being explored) and HVAC systems, and on-site recycling programs. Fore Kicks was able to put their energy expenses in check, and keep their programs affordable.