Location: Norfolk, Marlborough, and Taunton, MA
Industry: Athletic Facilities
Solution: Rooftop Solar

888 kW

solar capacity

Fore Kicks owns and operates premier multi-purpose recreational facilities in Norfolk, Marlboro, and Taunton, MA, featuring indoor synthetic grass-turf boarded and unboarded fields, indoor driving ranges, basketball and futsal courts, outdoor lighted synthetic grass fields, and more.


The client encountered increasing energy expenses, causing the sports facilities’ operational costs to shoot constantly higher. It impacted the client’s budget leading to increased membership charges, encouraging them to consider solar as an energy alternative.


Fore Kicks was motivated to drive an energy-efficient green operation across their family of facilities. They transitioned to solar soon after building a new facility to maximize their north/south exposure.


The client installed three rooftop solar energy projects for their Marlborough, Norfolk, and Taunton facilities, with a cumulative system size of 880 kW. Transitioning to solar complemented their other sustainable projects and initiatives like LED lighting, energy-efficient HVAC systems, on-site recycling programs, and more.