Location: Haverhill, MA
Industry: Municipal
Solution: Rooftop Solar

167 kW

solar capacity

Situated in northeastern Massachusetts along the banks of the Merrimack River, the City of Haverhill is one of the state’s oldest historic communities. Spanning nearly 36 square miles, Haverhill encompasses a diverse landscape that includes rural, agricultural, and urban regions, including the city’s historic industrial center.


The municipality of Haverhill sought a solution to lower its energy expenses and enhance fiscal management. After deliberation, they explored the implementation of solar energy to tackle the escalating energy costs and showcase their dedication to sustainability and environmental well-being.


The town’s governing body collaborated with Solect to install a 540-panel system on the roof of their municipal building, a project that very soon proved to be impactful.


$22,000 yearly savings on electricity costs

The City of Haverhill and Solect signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) facilitated by PowerOptions. Haverhill’s yearly energy expenses generally amount to around $105,500. Following the installation of the rooftop arrays, the city anticipates an annual savings of approximately $22,000.