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Get Ready for Peak Demand

Ready for Pea Demand

Are you looking for ways to reduce your organization’s operating costs? As the long, hot days of summer approach, there is one particular hour on one specific day that deserves your attention. That hour is known as peak demand, and your energy consumption during that hour substantially impacts your organization’s energy expenses.

Empty Buildings?

Rooftop solar on empty buildings

Here’s a Reliable Tenant for You

The commercial real estate industry is in uncharted territory. Hybrid and remote work, layoffs, and volatile interest rates are resulting in historic highs for vacancy rates and ongoing occupancy losses. The struggle to fill empty offices is a national phenomenon.

Tell Your Sustainability Story with Solect!

Sustainability story

Win the chance to get a documentary film produced exclusively by Solect on your school district’s green initiatives.

Drop your business card at our booth to participate in the raffle draw at the NEASS Annual Conference in Newport, Rhode Island, from October 4th to 6th.

If you are the winner, our team will visit your campus for a day to create an engaging documentary highlighting your sustainability story, featuring your key stakeholders, and promoting your noteworthy projects and green missions.

This video will be powerful to further elevate the recognition of your school district’s outstanding sustainability initiatives. Additionally, Solect, as a subsidiary of the globally acclaimed renewable energy company Pattern, will promote the video on our website, social media channels, and beyond to amplify your institution’s visibility and recognition even more.

And that’s not all! You’ll have the choice of adding one of the following programs to complement the documentary:

Poster and Doodle Competition:

Participants vividly depict their understanding of sustainability and ideas to make the planet healthier and cleaner.

Workshop on Renewable Energy:

An enlightening and interactive session on reducing carbon emissions and promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources.

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