PowerOptions & Solect Small Systems Solar Program

PowerOptions, the largest energy-buying consortium in the region, has joined forces with Solect Energy, to provide energy savings and certainty to nonprofits and the public sector through on-site Solar Power Purchase Agreements under 300 kW.

Together, PowerOptions and Solect offer unmatched expertise in the energy markets and solar energy industry.  Our teams are dedicated to your bottom line – helping you to save on operating costs so you can spend more money where it really matters.

Save Big with Solar

Going solar not only reduces your energy costs, it also reduces your carbon footprint and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. The pre-negotiated Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) offered through this program allows you to forecast the cost of your electricity use for more than 20 years with a low, guaranteed rate.

 Program Highlights

  • On-site Solar PPAs up to 300 kW

  • Exclusively for Municipalities, Public Agencies & Non-profit organizations

  • Statutory Exemption from RFP Requirement

  • Pre-negotiated contract terms offering deep energy savings and long-term predictable rates

How it Works

Solect manages everything — project design, financing, construction, and on-going system maintenance. PowerOptions Members simply pay for the power generated from the array, usually at a cost well below their current delivered price.

  • No Capital Costs

  • No Equipment Responsibility

  • No System Operation Costs

  • Long-Term Energy Stability

“Solect has a strong track record of successful work with nonprofits and public entities, and they have financial backing to provide the capital for the projects”
Cynthia Arcate, CEO, Power Options

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Getting Started is Easy

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For more information, complete the form above or contact Solect Energy at info@solect.com, 888.538.7599. To learn more about becoming a PowerOptions member contact Walter Gray at wgray@poweroptions.org, 617.456.3006