Wilevco has been building and perfecting innovative, quality machinery for the Food Processing Industry for over 50 years! They offer equipment used in three distinct areas: spray application of coatings, mixing of liquid batters, and chilling of liquids and slurries.

WILEVCO rooftop solar energy


As a manufacturing and warehousing facility energy costs are among Wilevco’s most costly expenses. In an effort to remain at the cutting edge of their industry they decided to find a way to get them under control.


Owner Leverett Flint credits his interest in greening his business as well as “Yankee stubbornness” as his motivators in choose a renewable solar energy solution.


33% reduction of electricity costs

The system has offset approximately one-third of the building’s energy costs, while also allowing WILEVCO to benefit from state and federal tax incentives, and the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).