Location: Billerica, MA
Industry: Commercial & Industrial
Solution: Rooftop Solar

82 kW

solar capacity


savings & revenue

Wilevco has been building and perfecting innovative and quality machinery for the food processing industry for over 50 years. Their pieces of equipment are used in the areas of spray-coating and liquid mixing and chilling.


As a business operating massive warehouses and production facilities, Wilevco encountered soaring energy expenses, leading them to consider solar.
Besides, they were motivated to invest in clean energy to facilitate the development of a healthier planet.


Solect designed and installed a solar system according to Wilevco’s energy needs and sustainability goals. We at Solect know that every client is different and we customize our solutions according to their unique challenges. Every project is an opportunity for us to take a step closer to a sustainable and carbon-neutral tomorrow and we walk the extra mile to exceed expectations and reset increasingly higher quality standards.


A 33% reduction in electricity costs

The system has offset approximately one-third of the building’s energy costs while allowing WILEVCO to benefit from the eligible state and federal tax incentives and earn an income from the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).