Location: Coventry, RI
Industry: Municipal
Solution: Rooftop Solar

125 kW

solar capacity


savings & revenue

The Town of Coventry is noted for its sustainability projects and initiatives. They set an example by switching to solar energy for their constituents and beyond and keep contributing to environmental betterment.


The town was interested in switching to solar energy but lacked the financial resources to take a significant step toward a major energy transition. Their sincere interest and diligent research didn’t allow any obstacles to stand in their way. Their solar project materialized smoothly thanks to a grant application and a favorable PPA structure.


The project received a grant from the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), making the project financially feasible.


A 33% reduction in electricity costs

The system has been able to offset nearly one-third of the municipal building’s energy costs without the town having to invest even a nominal amount in installing the project.