Temple Aliyah

Temple Aliyah is an egalitarian conservative congregation in Needham, Massachusetts, with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their congregation is a dynamic and diverse community that embraces people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. With the guidance of Rabbi Carl Perkins, they encourage our members to enrich their Jewish lives, to enhance their Jewish identities, and to engage in lifelong learning.


Temple Aliyah is always looking for opportunities to reduce the synagogue’s carbon footprint and to reduce operational costs, and are focused on making a better future for our community, both large and small. By significantly reducing their carbon footprint by hosting one of the largest solar arrays of any house of worship in the state, they are helping both their synagogue and the wider world at the same time.


The synagogue’s new solar energy system came to fruition through Solect’s partnership with PowerOptions, which selected Solect Energy as the developer for its small systems solar program. Temple Aliyah has been a member of PowerOptions’ energy buying consortium for several years. When it became clear that the synagogue would pursue solar energy, they again looked to PowerOptions for assistance. Temple Aliyah was able to pursue a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) through PowerOptions’ solar program with Solect Energy.


92% reduction of electricity costs

The solar array consists of 265 photovoltaic (PV) panels and is expected to produce 85,170 kilowatt hours (kWH) of energy annually. The power generated will cover 92 percent of the synagogue’s energy needs. It is projected that Temple Aliyah will save approximately $6,600 in energy expenses in the first year, and nearly $245,000 over the course of 20 years.