Swissturn/USA is a family-owned manufacturer of fine-precision metal and plastic components located in Oxford, MA. The company employs 50 high-tech employees.

Swissturn USA solar energy


The company runs its operations “lights out,” meaning when the employees leave for the day, the computer-controlled machines keep working. As a result, Swissturn’s electricity costs were significant. Controlling costs without sacrificing productivity was of high importance to the company. The company investigated solar a few years earlier, but knew it was relocating to a new facility.


After settling in the new facility, Swissturn partnered with Solect Energy to install at 135.3 kW solar system to help control costs.


30% reduction of electricity costs

The system reduced Swissturn’s electricity costs by up to 30 percent annually, saving the company up to $20,000 each year. In addition, Swissturn is able to generate significant additional revenue annually through the SREC program.