Roxbury Latin School

Roxbury Latin School was founded in 1645 by The Reverend John Eliot, Roxbury Latin is the oldest school in continuous existence in North America. For all of their 373 years they have offered a program explicitly designed for the boys in our care.

Roxbury Latin School rooftop solar


Operating a field house is generally one of the most energy intensive components of a school’s facilities. Roxbury Latin saw the large flat roof of their building as an opportunity to combat those expenses.


Roxbury Latin worked with Solect to install a 137 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy system on the roof of its Albert H. Gordon Field House. Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Solect provides electricity to Roxbury Latin at reduced rates, and after 15 years, Roxbury Latin will own the system outright. Electricity generated from the system will be used to power the Gordon Field House and the McNay Wrestling Palaistra, and electricity generated in excess of what is required at those two facilities will be routed to the school’s HVAC system, further reducing the school’s energy costs.


$6,500 yearly savings on electricity costs

The School is projected to save just under $100,000 over the 15-year lease term. The installation has also provided an addition to Roxbury Latin’s curriculum; an interactive kiosk located in the Bauer Science Center outside the Physics Lab will provide access to a continuous data stream measuring the solar panel output and also weather information from a rooftop weather station.