Location: Salisbury, MA
Industry: Athletic Facilities
Solution: Rooftop Solar

175 kW

solar capacity

Old Time Sports (OTS) is a family-owned apparel company on the North Shore of Massachusetts.
The company is an NHL licensee and a major North American sports apparel manufacturer.


Growing up in Massachusetts, the three owner brothers shared an emotional tie with the state and wanted to play a role in fostering its environmental well-being. They considered solar adoption to highlight their sustainable image and further boost their financial success.


OTS joined hands with Solect and deployed a 175 kW rooftop solar project for their 35,000-square-foot headquarters in Salisbury, MA.


A significant reduction in electricity costs

The solar energy system helped OTS reduce energy expenses while generating significant financial benefits. Solect is proud of its clients driving sustainable initiatives and happy to facilitate the development of a cleaner and greener economy powered by zero-carbon-emitting energy sources.