Location: Woburn, MA
Industry: Nonprofit
Solution: Rooftop Solar

72 kW

solar capacity


savings & revenue

NuPath is a human services agency helping people with disabilities live fulfilling life despite their many challenges and difficulties. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to essential support services and innovative solutions.


NuPath experienced several obstacles to implementing solar. As a nonprofit, it wasn’t eligible for state and federal tax incentives. Additionally, its desired project size was considerably small, making it difficult for the nonprofit to find a solar developer willing to sign a PPA with them.


Solect Energy signed a PPA with NuPath to install a 72 kW system. Team NuPath acknowledged Solect’s responsiveness, innovation, and help in making this project a reality.
Team Solect completed the project ahead of schedule and made sure the building traffic and operational rhythm remained uninterrupted while the project was underway.


$5,000 yearly savings on electricity costs

Solect owns the system and sells the produced electricity to NuPath at a highly reduced rate, saving them up to $5,000 yearly on electricity costs.