North Atlantic Corporation

North Atlantic Corp (NAC) is one of the largest millwork distributors and custom manufacturer of windows, doors, kitchens and stairs to the residential and commercial markets in New England.

North Atlantic Corporation Solar Energy


As a millwork and manufacturing facility NAC’s energy costs are a huge component of their balance sheet. Factor in a new expansion building and they were primed to see their spending on energy increase even further.


North Atlantic Corporation turned to Solect Energy to help them manage the installation of a solar array in conjunction with their planned expansion. Given the massive footprint of NAC’s building they had tremendous potential for a solar array, and their desire to also install on the roof of their new 45,000 sq. ft. building increased that even further. The overall planned installation clocked in at over 1.5 MW after factoring in the new rooftop.


90% reduction of electricity costs

After over a year of work the project culminated in a 1.55 MW array that covers up to 90% of the company’s energy costs, tremendously reducing their monthly energy bill. The benefits are palpable, as NAC’s savings will help them pay for their investment in a new building and more. Factor in the avoided instability and price hikes of the energy market and the array is working for North Atlantic Corp on a number of levels.