Location: Somerset, MA
Industry: Commercial & Industrial
Solution: Rooftop Solar

1,551 kW

solar capacity


savings & revenue

North Atlantic Corp (NAC) is one of New England’s largest millwork manufacturers and distributors, serving residential and commercial markets.


As a millwork manufacturing facility, NAC’s energy costs soared significantly, leading the authority to explore better alternatives. Following its research, NAC decided to go solar to gain better control over its volatile energy expenses and further drive the widespread clean energy movement.


After expanding its rooftop space, NAC sought Solect’s support to adopt an expansive solar system. Its partnership with Solect resulted in a massive 1.5 MW rooftop solar project.


NAC reported that the solar power generation covered 90% of their electrical demand within one year of installing the 1.5 MW solar array on one of their warehouse rooftops in Somerset, MA.