Nordost is the premier manufacturer of hi fi audio cables and accessories in the consumer electronics industry. In 1991, the company first made a name for itself with its revolutionary, flat audio cables, which used conductor solutions developed from unique technologies originally engineered for the aerospace industry. Since its founding, Nordost has continually pushed industry boundaries, striving to enhance audio technologies and bringing what were once unattainable goals into fruition.


Most manufacturing facilities stand to benefit greatly from installing a solar array, and Nordost was no exception, with their high-tech equipment drawing a significant amount of energy during peak load times.


After meeting with Solect Energy, the company realized it had the opportunity with solar to cover a meaningful amount of its energy demand by installing a solar array on the roof of its Holliston headquarters.


75% reduction of electricity costs

Additionally, Nordost will be able to take advantage of state and federal tax and financial incentives, including SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates), which are financial incentives based on the amount of solar energy the system generates. Electric utility providers in Massachusetts purchase SRECs to help them meet their state-mandated goals of a percentage of power coming from renewable energy sources.