Location: Arlington, MA
Industry: Automotive
Solution: Rooftop Solar

540 kW

solar capacity


Energy need covered

In business since 1936, Mirak Automotive Group stands on the foundation of honesty, transparency, and respect and has a huge satisfied clientele.


With a service center that is one of the largest in New England, featuring more than 60 service bays, Mirak was determined to demonstrate its leadership in sustainable practices and considered solar adoption as part of its efforts to become a GM Certified Green Dealer, which required maximizing energy efficiency and the use of clean energy.


Mirak partnered with Solect and experienced a seamless transition to solar energy. The design and installation process for their 540 kW solar project was smooth and well-planned and has yielded significant financial success.


A 100% coverage of energy needs

The array was designed to cover 100% of the Mirak Service Center’s energy needs and generate additional electricity to defray the energy costs for their Chevrolet and Hyundai dealership facilities.
Besides the attractive state and federal financial incentives, including an income from SRECs, Mirak achieved the Green Dealer certification. Notably, Mirak is one of the 129 GM dealerships recognized nationwide for their commitment to sustainability.