Medford DPW

Founded in 1630, Medford is the fourth oldest English settlement in America. Established as a City in 1892, Medford is one of the oldest settlements in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the US.


Cities and towns in the US are challenged with the task of making the most of their budgets to deliver services and support to their residents each year. The City of Medford takes this responsibility seriously, and when it came time to build a new DPW facility, they were sure to set it up for success by building it to be retrofitted with a solar array.


The city then leveraged its relationship with PowerOptions to install a solar array on the facility at no cost to the town. The PPA they signed through PowerOptions enable Solect to install, own, and maintain the array, all while selling the power it produces to the town at a fixed, reduced rate.


$11,000 annual reduction of electricity costs

It is estimated that the array will cover approximately 100% of the DPW’s energy needs, and is expected to generate $275,000 in savings over the 25 year agreement.