Location: Gloucester, MA
Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Solution: Rooftop Solar

111 kW

solar capacity


savings & revenue

Based in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the McNiff Company is a reputed property ownership group with properties across the state.


The client was looking for a way to reduce the energy costs for one of its tenants, the Cape Ann Beer Co, running an energy-intensive business like brewing. Besides the financial benefits, the client was determined to contribute to environmental welfare and curb emissions.


Following his participation in a smaller solar project at the Glen Urquhart School, founder Jay McNiff explored the diverse benefits of solar energy and decided to make the much-needed transition which resulted in the installation of a 111 kW solar array.


The McNiff tenant, Cape Ann Brewing Co, has a strong environmental commitment and as the primary off-taker of a large portion of the energy produced by the array will be able to cover 100% of their energy needs. Solect Energy was able to utilize the Massachusetts SREC 2 program resulting in attractive economic benefits for Cape Ann Brewing.