McNiff Company

The McNiff Company is a property ownership group headquartered in Gloucester, MA run by Jay McNiff, with properties across the state, the Gloucester location is close to home.


Jay was looking for a way to reduce the energy costs for his current tenants, the Cape Ann Beer Co, as brewing is an energy intensive business. Furthermore, he saw solar as an opportunity to increase the value of their property while helping the environment.


Having recently seen the advantages of going solar firsthand after being involved in a smaller solar project at Glen Urquhart, his son’s school in Beverly, MA Jay decided it was time to make the jump. He turned to Solect to manage the installation of the 111 kW array.


100% reduction of electricity costs

Cape Ann Brewing Co. a client of The McNiff Company is an off-taker of a significant portion of the energy produced by the array, with it covering 100% of their energy needs. By installing the solar program under the SREC 2 program, the McNiff Co. realized that sustainable energy sources can be good for the environment, good for business partners—in this case, their tenants—and finally, good for their bottom line.