Location: Haverhill, MA
Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Solution: Rooftop Solar

267 kW

solar capacity


savings & revenue

Leewood Realty owns and operates the energy-efficient Leewood Building in the Newark Street Industrial Park. The park specializes in helping businesses go green with an environmentally friendly office space.


Leewood Realty’s mission has always been to take care of the environment and they have worked over the years to create the greenest possible environment for their tenants. Previous efficiency upgrades included a new reflective roof, infrared warehouse heaters, motion sensor warehouse lighting, replacement of all larger windows, low-flow bathroom fixtures, and more. Leewood already had enough solar on their roof to power the building’s energy needs, but owner Peter Schwarz wanted to take it further.


Through a net metering purchase agreement, Leewood Realty partnered with Solect to install a solar project on the roof, big enough to supply reduced-cost electricity to the neighboring Northern Essex Community College (NECC).


$12,500 yearly savings on electricity costs

NECC purchases discounted solar energy, saving over $250,000 throughout the 20-year agreement period. It purchases 300,000 kWh of electricity annually, offsetting approximately 500,000 pounds of CO2 each year and 10,065,000 pounds over 20 years, pursuing its goal to achieve carbon neutrality with more vigor. Leewood, on the other hand, provides rooftop solar tours each year and contributes to a $2,000 annual scholarship for a 20 year-period for green courses for the NECC students.