Location: Brockton, MA
Industry: Commercial & Industrial
Solution: Rooftop Solar

537 kW

solar capacity


savings & revenue

JLS Mailing Services is one of New England’s largest presort mailing and printing companies, founded in 1918. They are an industry leader in providing mailing, document management, and direct marketing solutions to businesses and marketers.


As a company that consumes a great amount of electricity to operate its digital copiers, inserters, folders, and presort equipment, JLS was looking for an intelligent way to reduce its energy consumption and (the resulting) operational costs.


JLS decided to adopt a solar solution to reduce operating costs and differentiate its business with green and sustainable initiatives. They chose Solect Energy through a competitive selection process.


An 80% reduction in electricity costs

With a 537 kW array installed on the roof of their Brockton, MA facility, JLS Mailing is projected to cover up to 80% of its electricity costs, saving $93,000 per year.