Location: Hudson, MA
Industry: Commercial & Industrial
Solution: Rooftop Solar

240 kW

solar capacity

Fourstar Connections is a contract manufacturing firm based in Hudson, MA. Fourstar Connections was founded in 1986 as a cable assembly shop which gradually increased in size and added more capabilities to its product mix.


Sincere about its green initiatives, Fourstar established a committee to investigate ways to reduce its emissions through recycling and a robust solar PV solution. They aimed to turn their solar system on by 2014 to reap the maximum possible tax benefits.


Fourstar partnered with Solect and appreciated our team’s promptness through the various design and installation stages. Thanks to our proactive team of experts, completing the project’s construction and turning the system on within the targeted timeframe was possible.


Fourstar Connections saves a significant amount on its annual energy expenses besides receiving additional financial benefits.