Community Rowing Inc.

True to its mantra of “Rowing for All”, Community Rowing Inc. (CRI) is constantly striving to change lives and communities by providing access to the sport of rowing to individuals regardless of ability, background, or experience.


As a non-profit organization CRI didn’t have the operating capital to invest into a solar array, but still wanted to continue improving their state of the art headquarters that already featured a variety of renewable components. Such as a geothermal well with a subterranean tank that stores excess rainwater for maintenance and irrigation, natural light and ventilation coming into the building through louvers, bi-folding operable vents, and glass shingles.


Thanks to Solect’s partnership with Power Options and a comprehensive RFP process, CRI was comfortable moving forward with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that would enable them to install the array without paying any upfront costs towards the installation.


$18,000 yearly savings on electricity costs

Solect owns and operates the array on Community Rowing’s prestigious headquarters and sells the power generated to CRI at a rate far below what they were paying for energy supplied by the local utility. The PPA agreement is in place for the next 20 years, during which CRI is projected to save over $188,000 on energy costs. The savings will enable them to expand their programs and continue their efforts to enrich the community.