Location: Southborough, MA
Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Solution: Ground Mount

1 MW

solar capacity

Capital Group Properties (CGP) is a full-service real estate development company headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts. Capital Group Properties specializes in permitting, constructing, and managing commercial, residential, retail, and industrial properties throughout Massachusetts.


Motivated by its desire to help the environment and control facility and tenant costs for its properties across the MetroWest Boston area, CGP decided to leverage solar power for its diverse benefits. After installing its first rooftop array in 2011 and realizing its merits, CGP decided to go for a large-scale solar farm.


CGP owns the system spanning 4 acres and connected to its “house” meter. Using Net Metering–receiving “credits” for the excess energy – they reduce the electricity costs for their other facilities in that area, further enhancing their green initiatives.


A significant reduction in energy expenses

This project resulted from a joint venture driven by several Southborough town departments, including the Conservation Commission, Assessor’s Office, Building Department, and the National Grid engineering team. The system produces enough electricity to power close to 150 homes yearly and helps reduce the same amount of carbon as sequestered yearly by approximately 20,000 trees growing over ten years.