Capital Group Properties – Southborough

Capital Group Properties is a full service real estate development company headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts. Capital Group Properties specializes in the permitting, construction and property management of commercial, residential, retail, and industrial developments throughout Massachusetts.

Southborough Solar Farm


Motivated by its desire to help the environment, control facility and tenant costs across its properties in the MetroWest Boston area, Capital Group saw solar as an opportunity to turn the challenge of energy costs into an opportunity. After installing their first rooftop array in 2011 and realizing the benefits of owning a system, CGP decided to go all in on solar with a large scale solar farm.


Capital owns the system, which will expand across 4 acres, and connect it to its “house” meter on the property. Using Net Metering – i.e., receiving “credit” for electricity generated in excess of what is consumed – Capital offsets 100% of their common cost electricity usage at various other buildings in the area which they also own, “greening” those buildings in the process.


100% reduction of electricity costs

The Southborough project has been worked on collaboratively with several Town of Southborough departments, including the Conservation Commission, Assessor’s Office, and Building Department, as well as the National Grid engineering team, to arrive at a technically and environmentally sound solution. The system produces enough electricity to power close to 150 homes and equal the carbon sequestered from approximately 20,000 trees grown for 10 years.