Location: Walpole, MA
Industry: Commercial & Industrial
Solution: Rooftop Solar

108 kW

solar capacity


savings & revenue

Alder Foods is one of the country’s largest suppliers to the military markets. It sells nationally-branded food and perishable goods to the US Military Commissaries worldwide. The company is among the top 30 companies serving the Defense Commissary Agency worldwide.


Alder Foods invested in solar to further their company’s commitment to a greener and cleaner economy and optimize their energy savings.


Alder Foods partnered with Solect to design and install a 108 kW rooftop solar system for their Walpole facility. They aimed to reduce their energy expenses while earning eligible state and federal incentives and an income from selling SRECs.


$25,000 yearly savings on electricity costs

The 108 kW system offsets electricity costs with the energy created and generates a substantial ROI from the sale of SRECs. The system saves the company nearly $25,000 on electricity costs annually.