Project Description

Parsons Commercial Group

Parsons Commercial Group (PCG), a commercial real estate company based in Framingham, MA, and two of its tenants at 35 Lyman Street in Northborough, MA — Active Logistics and ViewPoint Sign and Awning partnered to install a 475 kW solar PV system at their location in Northborough, MA. The system covers 100% of the electricity used on site and both Active and ViewPoint are saving money each month on their electric bill. Any “extra” electricity is transferred to other properties owned by PCG via Net Metering to offset the cost of the electricity in common areas.

This installation is a great example of how building owners and its tenants can work together on a green energy solution!

Fast Facts

Location: Northborough, MA
Owner: 35 Lyman St., LLC
System Size: 475 kW
Number of Panels: Approximately 2,000

Technical Details

Roof-mounted system on a flat roof using ET Solar panels, SatCon inverters and a mounting system from Panel Claw.