Project Description

NuPath, Inc.

NuPath is a non-profit organization based in Woburn, Mass., and was looking for a partner to help it “go solar.” As a non-profit, NuPath was not eligible for the state and government incentives that make solar so attractive to many businesses in Massachusetts, and its smaller roof size wasn’t of interest to many solar project developers to provide a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Solect Energy Development partnered with NuPath to install a 72 kW system, using 299 ET Solar 250W panels, Panel Claw Grizzly Bear FRII racking (manufactured in Massachusetts), and a Solectria PVI 60kW inverter (also from Massachusetts). Solect owns the system and will sell electricity to NuPath at a highly reduced rate, saving the non-profit up to $5,000 a year on electricity costs.

Fast Facts

Location: Woburn, MA
Owner: Solect
System Size: 72 kW
Number of Panels: 299 panels

Technical Details

Roof-mounted system using ET Solar panels, Solectria inverter and Panel Claw Grizzly Bear mounting hardware.