Project Description

Herb Connolly Auto Group

When the Herb Connolly Auto Group, a Boston MetroWest Acura, Chevrolet and Hyundai auto dealer, decided to go green, it went all in, choosing solar PV (photovoltaic) systems to green the roofs of their Chevy and Acura dealerships on Route 9, as well as installing solar atop its new Chevy carport, which serves as a vehicle charging station for its popular Chevy Volt electric vehicles.

Solect installed a 195 kW solar energy system on the roof of Herb Connolly’s Framingham-based Acura and Hyundai dealerships, and a 175 kW system on the roof of its Chevrolet dealership. Those projects, in addition to a 40 kW system Herb Connolly has built atop a carport /charging station for its Chevy Volt electric vehicles, are expected to help the auto group trim its electric bills by more than 50%. The systems will offset 333 tons of CO2 annually and generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 38 homes.

The project was made especially attractive by the federal and state incentives available for solar, including a federal tax incentive and SRECs (solar renewable energy credits)

Fast Facts

Location: Framingham, MA
Owner: Herb Connolly Auto Group
System Size: Acura/Hyundai 194.7 kW; Chevy 175.23 kW; Carport 40 kW
Number of Panels: Acura: 660 panels; Chevy 594 panels; Chevy Carport 156 panels

Technical Details

Acura/Hyundai and Chevy: Roof-mounted systems with ET Solar panels, Gamechanger Racking System, and Solectria inverters. Chevy CarPort System: ET Solar panels, Solaire Generation carport mounting hardware, Solar Edge inverters and 6 General Motors Voltec Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations.