Project Description

Capital Group Properties – Southborough

In the largest deployment of its kind to date in the MetroWest Boston area, Capital Group Properties, a Southborough, MA-based property management and real estate development company, is deploying a 1-megawatt, land-based solar system adjacent to its 150 Cordaville Road headquarters.

Capital will own the system, which will expand across 4 acres, and connect it to its “house” meter on the property. Using Net Metering – i.e., receiving “credit” for electricity generated in excess of what is consumed – Capital will offset 100% of their common cost electricity usage at various other buildings in the area which they also own, “greening” those buildings in the process.

The Southborough project has been worked on collaboratively with several Town of Southborough departments, including the Conservation Commission, Assessor’s Office, and Building Department, as well as the National Grid engineering team, to arrive at a technically and environmentally sound solution. Slated to break ground in Spring 2012, the system will produce enough electricity to power close to 150 homes and equal the carbon sequestered from approximately 20,000 trees grown for 10 years.

Fast Facts

Location: Southborough, MA
Owner: Capital Group Properties
System Size: 1 MW
Number of Panels Installed: More than 4,000
Installed: Planned Spring 2012. Live Date: Planned Summer 2012

Technical Details

Land-based system using ET Solar panels, Satcon inverters, and a custom mounting solution.