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Solect focuses on the smart, practical application of solar energy solutions based on your needs as well as specific state and national regulations and incentives. The complex and ever-shifting policy landscape requires constant and in-depth attention. We maintain comprehensive knowledge of existing policies and upcoming changes, so that our experts can help businesses, municipalities, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations reap the optimal financial benefits of solar power.

Now is the time for businesses and property owners to invest in solar.

Federal and state incentive programs make investing in solar a sound business decision. In addition, 29 states across the U.S. have created Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). Adoption of an RPS program requires utilities and other energy providers to procure a set amount of energy from renewable sources. The program acts as a guide for states to create incentives that support their specific RPS goals – and it’s working.

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Connecticut Solar Incentives

Connecticut has a 20% RPS in place for 2020 – with plans to reduce greenhouse gas levels 10% below 1990 levels in the same time. With 265 MW currently installed and plans to install another 902 MW over the next five years, the state is well on its way to achieving these goals. Plus, we can help your organization take advantage of Connecticut’s current solar incentive programs, including:

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