Is my roof capable of holding the system?

A structural engineer will conduct an on-site evaluation of your roof to determine its weight load and verify that it’s capable of supporting a solar PV system. Our calculations account for the weight of panels and mounting hardware plus the weight of anticipated snow load to ensure that adding solar to your roof will not jeopardize its structural integrity.

What permits will I need?

The specific permits required for your project will vary based on the type of installation and your local and state regulations. During the development process, our team will determine which permits are required and complete all steps necessary to ensure they’re issued prior to any related scheduled work.

How long does it take to install and connect a new solar PV system?

After the electric utility approves the project for interconnection, it generally takes two months to complete a 50-250kw system, three months for a 250-500kw system, and potentially longer for systems larger than 500kW. If you’re considering a solar PV system for your business, you should start the Interconnection Application process as soon as possible. This will allow the project to proceed as planned and expedite the overall timeline of getting your solar PV system connected to the grid.

What size solar energy system do I need?

Our expert design specialists will determine the size of your solar PV system based on your energy use and the size of your property. We’ll require a copy of your electric bill to evaluate your annual and average monthly electricity consumption. We’ll also take into consideration the available square footage of your property to determine how many panels we can install.

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