Solect Teams with Honey Hill Farms – Hopkinton School Admin Benefits

HOPKINTON, MA – Solect Energy Development, LLC, has partnered with Honey Hill Farms, an office and storage facility in Hopkinton, MA, to provide renewable solar power to Honey Hill Farms and its tenants, the largest of which is the Town of Hopkinton School Administration department. The 30-kilowatt PV (photovoltaic) system will go live in January 2011.

In considering solar, the owner of Honey Hill Farms was interested in finding ways to add a diverse revenue stream to his business, as well as enhance the overall value of the property, which contains 15,000-square feet of office and storage space.

Discussions with the school department uncovered an interest in lowering electricity bills as well as continuing to help the environment by growing its use of sustainable energy. Hopkinton’s high school. middle school, police department and fire department deployed a large-scale solar system in 2009, becoming the first town in Massachusetts to install solar panels on multiple municipal buildings.

“The Honey Hill Farms deployment allowed us to help meet the objectives of two groups: the property owner and their main tenant,” said Jim Dumas, principal at Solect Energy Development, LLC. “The school department benefits from a discounted electric rate, and 100% of their usage is offset by this new solar system. Honey Hill Farms benefits from new monthly revenue streams, and attractive state and federal incentives. All in all, the financial and green benefits were compelling to both owner and tenant.”

Honey Hill Farms owns the system and uses “Net Metering” to provide a discount on the electricity bill to the Hopkinton School Administration department. Net Metering enables customers to use their own generation from on-site renewable energy systems to offset their consumption over a billing period. When they generate electricity in excess of their demand, customers can receive credit for the excess energy, and can choose to pass that savings along to their tenants.