Solect Energy Launches Expanded Solar Service Program

Hopkinton Company to service existing solar projects statewide


JUNE 15, 2016 – Hopkinton, MA – Solect Energy, the leading full-service commercial solar company in Massachusetts, is announcing the launch of its Solar Service program which offers a comprehensive suite of operations & maintenance (O&M) services. Solect has always been responsible for the maintenance and management of the solar arrays it designs and builds, and has expanded both its capabilities and reach with this new program, offering a multitude of solar maintenance services to any commercial-scale installation in the New England area.

“It’s a logical next step for the company to venture into the solar service space,” said Steve Bianchi, General Manager of Solect Services. “Solar has become so popular in recent years and we’ve seen a significant increase in new solar installations across the region. Those new arrays need to be maintained on a routine basis in order to operate as they are supposed to and generate projected return on investment for each system owner. We have extensive solar service experience, and with investments we have made this past year we are positioned to fulfill O&M needs to more solar system owners.”

The comprehensive Solect Services program offers a full operations & maintenance package, with increased capabilities and standardized offerings for solar arrays. Solect’s suite of solar services includes preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, solar performance monitoring, SREC management, and net metering management, along with less technical services such as landscaping and cleaning to ensure optimal energy production.

The expansion of the Solect Services division has already bolstered the company’s operations & maintenance project portfolio; Solect is currently managing 22 solar installations under the fledgling program, and has seen rapid program growth since its implementation. Recent customers outside of its own installation base include Equity Industrial Partners’ 2 MW rooftop solar array in Danton, MA and Carlstrom Pressed Metals’ 625 kW solar field in Westborough, MA

“Much energy is expended on the development of solar projects and on-going Operations & Maintenance is often overlooked,” said Matt Henretta, Property Manager at Equity Industrial Partners. “Solect has made protecting our investment a point of emphasis. The Solect team has demonstrated a thorough understanding of what it takes to keep an array running optimally.”

In light of the expansion, Solect has broadened its services team, hiring several new employees and purchasing diagnostic tools to better analyze the performance of our customer’s solar systems. Solect now boasts a core team of experienced solar professionals dedicated to monitoring, maintenance, and coordination for the services department.

Solect offers solar services to customers of all sizes, from 50 kW rooftop systems to multi-megawatt ground-mount projects.