Solar Engineering and Design

Key to any successful solar energy project is to ensure that the solar PV system balances solar optimization, aesthetics, economics and rigorous engineering specifications.

Solect tailors solar energy solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. After preliminary discussions and draft designs, an individual system design is refined upon contract execution. Professional system drawings and documents are prepared to reflect structural, electrical and solar photovoltaic (PV) requirements, and used in the Interconnection Application process with the local utility and city/town inspectors.

In order to design a properly sized solar PV energy system, drawings are based on each manufacturer’s technical specifications for any given component. Solect leverages best practices, working with its professional partners and an experienced in-house engineering & project management team to design the optimal system for the customer site. Each system is professionally engineered to comply with local codes for electrical and structural requirements.

“Working with Solect made the project seamless. Their expertise and approach to customer service made this a great project for us.”

John Parsons
Parsons Commercial Group