Operation & Maintenance Services

While solar energy systems are fairly passive in their operation, it is important to provide fundamental maintenance and inspection on a regular basis to keep your system operating efficiently. Solect offers a suite of comprehensive solar operation & maintenance services to help maximize solar production, and optimize your renewable energy investment.

MonitoringReal-time web based monitoring measures the production of electricity from your solar system and sends an immediate alert to Solect Services if an issue is detected. This visibility allows Solect to report and track the systems performance to ensure your system is producing electricity at optimal levels. With production monitoring & reporting, your system will never be left alone; your solar production will be analyzed, tracked, and reported to you, so you know if and when your system needs to be serviced.



SREC revenue generated from your solar system plays an important part in achieving your ROI goals for your solar project. Solect’s talented financial team watches the SREC market closely to ensure you receive the best return on investment possible. SREC Management services include quarterly performance information, state filing administration services, quarterly and annual SREC reporting, market information communications, SREC tracking and trading, and scheduled quarterly SREC payments.


NetMeteringNet metering allows customers to receive credits for any electricity that they generate but do not use. Solect will establish net metering for your solar system and help you track your production to make sure you are receiving the appropriate credits on your electric bill. In the summer months when production is at its peak, many solar customers create credits on their utility bills and use those credits in the winter months when solar energy production decreases. Having Solect act as your liaison between you and your utility provider will help ensure proper billing and credits to your electric bill account.

ScheduledWith any mechanical system, proper upkeep is crucial to maintain optimal production and a long life. Solect provides annual preventative maintenance site visits, which entail an exhaustive inspection of all mechanical, electrical, and PV components of your system. In conjunction with these scheduled maintenance visits, Solect provides repair services that will quickly diagnose issues and correct problems to mitigate production downtime.


CorrectiveCorrective maintenance includes any other services that are not a part of Solect’s scheduled maintenance service. If an issue arises with your solar array, Solect’s Services team will visit your site to rectify the problem. At the time of any corrective maintenance, Solect will fully inspect all related equipment. This service ensures your solar array is protected from any unexpected issues. Service Agreement members receive the benefit of paying a lower hourly rate for non-warranty work.


System check-up
While Monitoting systems are great and alert us as soon as an issue arises, there’s usually a chance the problem could have been avoided. Our system experts will come out and visually inspect your array’s key elements and ensure everything is in good shape.
Vegetation and Landscaping Maintenance
Both groundmounts, and rooftop arrays can face invasive vegetation. Whether the grass and shrubbery is overgrown on your landmounted system, or a nearby tree is threatening or shading your rooftop array. We have the resources to take care of them.
Over time and based on the local environmental conditions, Solect recommends a thorough cleaning of the solar panels.  Studies have shown a 5-8% improvement in production for solar panels that undergo biannual cleanings.
Roof Inspections
Rooftops face the brunt of nature’s fury. Our experts can come inspect your roof to ensure the membrane remains in good shape, ballasting is properly distributed, and all drainage is functioning properly.
Monitoring Kiosk
Monitoring systems are instrumental to getting the most out of your array, and knowing exactly when an issue arises is essential. Plus, having the ability to see when your array is producing and how much it has produced will help you forecast for the future.


For immediate system support, please contact our System Specialist Mary at 508-265-7960 or by email at mrindler@solect.com

If you’re interested in learning more about our O&M Services, please contact our Services Account Executive, Oliver Noll, at onoll@solect.com or by calling 508-293-1869.

“Much energy is expended on the development of solar projects and on-going Operations & Maintenance is often overlooked. Solect has made protecting our investment a point of emphasis. The Solect team has demonstrated a thorough understanding of what it takes to keep an array running optimally.”

Matt Henretta Property Manager, Equity Industrial Partners.

Solect’s OSHA compliant and NABCEP licensed technicians are currently certified to repair Solectria, SolarEdge, Enphase, Fronius, Schneider, and SMA inverters.