Energy Storage Lowers Hidden Costs

Energy Storage: Lower your Demand Charges to Save Money

You probably know that there are many options for lowering your energy costs, but assessing all of them can take up a lot of your time. Let us do the work for you. Solect offers free assessments to determine if your facility is a good fit for an energy storage system, including your potential savings estimate.

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Energy storage is a great way to reduce demand charges which can be up to 70% of your bill. Low maintenance, completely automated and a great way to enhance property values – energy storage should be your next smart investment.

Solar is the Foundation

Obviously any energy storage system will require energy to charge it. A solar energy system makes a great platform to enhance an energy storage system providing the benefits of reduced costs, dependability and lower emissions.

These opportunities will vary based on your energy consumption profile, location, electricity providers and evolving regulations. If you want to reduce these “hidden energy costs” Solect can do the analysis to find the best solution. We have the expertise to analyze your energy consumption patterns then match that to the specific requirements of your energy provider and the relevant incentives and regulations. We are also deeply involved in the development of new policies, so you can be sure that we will be providing solutions that will work with the evolving market.

Is Energy Storage Right for You?

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