October 24, 2017


With a long and proud history in Massachusetts, manufacturing in the state is alive and well. The Commonwealth has worked hard to make sure it offers manufacturing companies a healthy business climate and a terrific work force. However, to be successful in today’s ultra-competitive manufacturing climate, companies need to take advantage of every opportunity they can to reduce costs. One way that manufacturers are able to improve their bottom line is to reduce their energy expenses, and in recent years we have seen many companies install solar energy systems to save money and reduce their emissions.  In honor of our State’s manufacturers, we are highlighting  a few examples of manufacturing companies that we have worked with to install solar energy systems.



Size: 135 kW
Location: Oxford, MA
Date Installed: October, 2014
Percentage of Energy Covered by Solar:  30%
Yearly Savings: $20,000
Impact: The company runs its operations “lights out,” meaning when the employees leave for the day, the computer-controlled machines keep working leading to significant energy costs. The company investigated solar a few years earlier, but knew it was relocating to a new facility and wanted to follow through with another solar system.


North Atlantic Co. 

Size: 1551 kW
Location: Somerset, MA
Date Installed: May, 2016
Percentage of Energy Covered by Solar:  90%
Impact: North Atlantic Corporation turned to Solect Energy to help them manage the installation of a solar array in conjunction with their planned expansion. Given the massive footprint of NAC’s building they had tremendous potential for a solar array, and their desire to also install on the roof of their new 45,000 sq. ft.  building increased that even further.


Hyde Tools

Size: 349 kW
Location: Southbridge, MA
Date Installed: May, 2015
Percentage of Energy Covered by Solar:  13%
Yearly Savings: $180,000
Impact: As an industrial manufacturer, Hyde Tools has a significant cost associated with their electricity needs. The company was looking for a way to improve their environmental footprint that also made good business sense. They turned to solar, using  tenK panels, maximizing the efficiency of the system.



Size: 201 kW
Location: Easthampton, MA
Date Installed: October, 2016
Percentage of Energy Covered by Solar: 33%
Yearly Savings: $25,000
Impact: Chemetal was upgrading their facility with an expansion that doubled the size of the building. Considering the costs of the expansion, and the looming rise in operation and maintenance costs they began looking for a way to mitigate the expenses. Pairing their new roof with solar was the perfect partnership.