Solar Maintenance

While solar energy systems are fairly passive in their operation, we have found that providing some fundamental solar maintenance and inspection will ensure years of optimal production.

Solect provides a suite of services to properly maintain your solar energy system, and help optimize your renewable energy investment.

Warranty Services

  • Working with the component manufacturers to facilitate warranty services, if required, throughout the life of the system.
  • Conducting scheduled maintenance services, measuring inverter output, and monitoring system components throughout the array.

Repair Services

  • On occasion, the elements can damage components. Should your system need repair, Solect provides the expertise and support to bring the system back into production in a timely manner.

Cleaning Services

  • Over time and based on the local environmental conditions, Solect recommends a thorough cleaning of the solar panels.  Studies have shown a 5-8% improvement in production for solar panels that undergo biannual cleanings.

For immediate system support, please contact our System Specialist Mary at 508-265-7960 or by email at

“Solect did a good job of showing us very early in the process how this solar project will not only eliminate our electricity costs, but also generate revenue.”

Joseph Clancy,
President, American Plumbing and Heating