May 22, 2017

We expect solar from Solect will help to stabilize future energy costs through the 20-year rate agreement for a significant portion of our electrical consumption. 

-Tom Doherty, Malden Catholic

Tom Doherty, Headmaster

Since 1932, Malden Catholic, an independent, college-preparatory school sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers, has created a family-like community of faith that has fashioned men of character from boys entrusted by parents to our care.  A regional school for 600 young men, Malden Catholic strives to maintain the intimacy of its beginnings as a parish high school that prepared generations of its sons for rewarding college careers, success in a variety of professions and endeavors, and meaningful personal lives.  

At Malden Catholic, young men thrive in a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence, character formation based on Christian values and personal achievement. Students who attend our school have in common a desire and drive to succeed in the classroom, on the field and in their communities. This strong work ethic and commitment to “plus ultra” or “more beyond” is central to Malden Catholic. It’s how we develop the leaders of tomorrow.

What prompted you to initially explore solar for your school?

We feel an obligation to our families, our donors and our community to act responsibly. Installing solar has both environmental and financial benefits.

What were the main reasons you decided to install solar?

Solar is environmentally effective, enabling us to be a good steward of natural resources and reduce Malden Catholic’s carbon footprint. Solar is also cost-effective, enabling us to be a good steward of the financial resources we receive through tuition payments and through donations to the school, from every angle, it’s the right thing to do.

What were your energy costs before installing solar? And after?

We expect solar from Solect will help to stabilize future energy costs through the 20-year rate agreement for a significant portion of our electrical consumption.  

How has installing solar encouraged your school to think “green” in other initiatives?

Solar is part of a larger Green Initiative at Malden Catholic.  From recycling to energy-efficient lighting to a transition from printed to online marketing materials, the school has made strides in advancing environmental awareness and responsibility.  Solar from Solect is the next logical step.

Although most schools do not have the option of taking advantage of state and federal solar tax incentives as nonprofit entities, they can still benefit from these policies through on-site power purchase agreements (PPA). PPAs are contracts where solar energy companies finance, build, own, and maintain a system on the customer’s site and sell the solar electricity generated back to the organization at a reduced, fixed rate – usually at a significant discount compared to what the utility charges for electricity. This rate is offered over an extended period of time—typically 15 to 20 years. Under this model, the customer incurs no (or very low) upfront costs and saves money in the long term.