Solar for Small Business

With one of our turnkey small business solar solutions, simplified incentive application and pre-packaged financing solutions, Solect can help you go solar in a matter of days.

Not only is solar energy is a good decision for the environment, but in Massachusetts it is also a smart financial decision. Small commercial businesses who own property will find several benefits from investing in solar energy.

  • Reduces or even eliminates electricity costs
  • Offers an attractive return on investment
  • Delivers a quick payback
  • Hedges against rising energy costs

Solect has helped over 200 local businesses control their electricity costs and generate revenue with solar energy. We can assist you with taking advantage of Massachusetts’ solar incentive program carve-out designed specifically for systems less than 25 kW.

Solar Made Simple.

  • Turnkey solar solutions
  • Simplified incentive application
  • Pre-packaged financing solution
  • Go solar in a matter of days!

Small Commercial Financing Solutions

Our solutions include options that require little to no up-front costs.

Solect is offering three “packaged” options designed for small to medium commercial business.

Own your solar PV system outright using capital funds or bank financing. In partnership with Bank of the West, Solect can help you secure bank financing with our prenegotiated “Solect Solar Loan”.  
In an Operating Lease, your leasing company is able to lower overall system cost by 35% to 45% when the bank monetizes the federal income tax credit ITC & depreciation expense, creating a positive cash flow throughout the term. At the end of a fixed period, you have the option to purchase the asset or extend your lease. This is an excellent solution for those businesses that are unable to fully utilize the tax benefits, yet want the financial benefits of a solar array.
Capital Leasing enables clients and prospects 100% financing as an alternative to using your own cash or bank loans. This financing solution requires zero capital outlay, and you may choose to purchase the asset outright at the end of the lease term for $1.


Get started with a lease with an easy one-page credit application, and return a decision within 48 hours. There is no requirement for 3 years of tax returns, or bank statements for a lease conducted through Solect’s leasing products.

Solect will work with you during the feasibility assessment to determine which financial solution are most appropriate for your long-term success.