Considering Solar and Need a New Roof?

One of the most common barriers for commercial property owners who want to install a solar energy system is the age and condition of their roof. Minor repairs such as seams and flashing can easily be addressed, but many owners need more significant upgrades and some require complete replacements. But what if adding a solar Read More

Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Facilities are the Next Frontier for Energy Storage

  Game changing energy storage technologies will fundamentally alter the functionality of the electric supply system: What this means for energy consumers, and why commercial facilities should be considering it today. As we consider the future of the built environment, one of the most dramatic changes will be the way we generate and consume electricity. Read More

Energy Storage Systems: A Closer Look at the Newest Technology for Energy Management

There is a lot of buzz here in New England about energy storage and its potential in the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector. Working in tandem with a rooftop solar PV system, an energy storage system allows a facility to be nearly self sufficient: enabling it to generate its own power, store it and use Read More

An Open Letter: To the EEAC on the Future of Energy Storage in Massachusetts

  Dear Commissioner Judson and Members of the EEAC:   I am writing on behalf of Solect Energy regarding the 2019-2021 Three Year Energy Efficiency Plan. With more than 80 MWs installed and over 400 customers, Solect Energy is the largest solar energy company in the Commonwealth focused exclusively on the commercial scale market. This means we have Read More

The Lowest Cost Energy Choice for Property Owners

  Like any business, owners of commercial properties are constantly faced with choices  regarding capital investment options that will improve a building’s value and reduce operating costs. Investing in energy systems can offer some of the most compelling business cases due to incentives offered by the federal and state governments. However, to take full advantage Read More

Understanding Different Benefits of the Two Ways to go Solar Under the SMART Program

  Solar energy is about to get a lot more attractive for commercial property owners in Massachusetts. Under the state’s new solar energy incentive program (known by its acronym SMART) building owners will now have the option to build “stand alone” solar energy projects on their roofs.   To better understand this new option it’s Read More

Solar Powered Manufacturing Recap

  The manufacturing industry has faced its fair share of challenges in the United States. As the global economy has driven more and more facets of the industry overseas where overhead is less expensive, and regulatory restrictions are less severe – allowing for larger margins and easier operation. However, many companies have remained dedicated to Read More

Q&A with Steve Bianchi: Importance of Proactive Maintenance of Solar Energy Systems

Starting this summer, Massachusetts is altering its solar incentive policies with changes that will  better suit real estate developers and property owners with tenant occupied buildings, than the previous SREC program. With the expected growth of solar energy systems in the real estate sector, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at Read More