A Closer Look at the Changing Landscape for Solar Energy: Key Trends to Watch in 2019

                As real estate developers and property owners across the state fine tune their forecasts for existing buildings and new projects for 2019, its worthwhile to take a closer look at the changing landscape for solar energy. Massachusetts has been a regional leader for solar friendly policies and Read More

SMART Solar Application Checklist

Finally the time has come, with the SMART solar program officially kicking off on Monday! The initial application period will last from Monday November, 26 until 11:59 PM ET on November 30, 2018. All applications submitted between opening day and midnight November 30, 2018 will be considered to have been submitted at the same time Read More

The SMART Program is Coming

The long anticipated Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program finally has a formal launch date and will be going into effect on November 26th, 2018. Under SMART timing is imperative. The program is structured as a declining block model where incentive payments will decline over time as each of the eight 200 MW “blocks” fill Read More

Solect Services Advisories

Internet Connectivity Solect is monitoring your solar system every day. The internet connection is critical to ensure we always have visibility to the performance of your system.  Please keep in mind as well that your solar inverters are communicating specific alerts to Solect that help us determine a specific issue with your system. Our most Read More

EEAC Releases Final Proposal for Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Program

The EEAC recently released the latest updated proposal for the state’s 3-year energy efficiency plan, set to run from 2019-2021. Prior to the release of the EEAC’s final proposal, Solect Energy’s VP of Energy Solutions, John Mosher, wrote an article featured in the BBJ, outlining what he thought the most impactful initiatives would be in Read More

Staying on Top of your Energy Consumption with Demand Monitoring

Gain insight into your energy use and manage your expenses with Demand Monitoring solutions   If you’re like me, I’m sure you have had those moments when your energy bill arrives and you find yourself saying “can that be right?” With all of the stifling heat this summer and HVAC systems working overtime to keep Read More

Athletic Facility Solar Success Stories

Athletic facilities have notoriously high operating costs, and don’t have a lot of flexibility to adjust their practices to save money going forward. From complex HVAC systems, to industrial scale lighting, these expansive facilities can be challenging to maintain throughout the volatile New England seasons. Furthermore, many of these facilities are non-profits whose operating margins Read More

Considering Solar and Need a New Roof?

One of the most common barriers for commercial property owners who want to install a solar energy system is the age and condition of their roof. Minor repairs such as seams and flashing can easily be addressed, but many owners need more significant upgrades and some require complete replacements. But what if adding a solar Read More